ModMyMods enters the coolant industry

ModMyMods decided to enter the PC coolant industry, which was teased at CES 2020. Sporting 4 UV colors (Red, Green, Blue and UV Clear) along with a pure clear (not UV active). While also considering more colors to come.



Coming with a nice sleek motor oil bottle, a liter each. With a seems to be industry leading 3 year shelf life and made in the US. I’m told that it’s 90% water, 10% Nontoxic ethylene glycol. Which allows it’s minimal temperature to be able to handle -5C (or 23F). ModWater is guaranteed at the time of bottling to never exceed 0.05 ppm (parts per million) of total dissolved solids.

With only Mayhem, EKWB, Alphacool, Primochill and now ModMyMods in the market currently. I’m very interested in it and how the dyes used in it handle longterm usage. I hope to have some in the lab to try soon.

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